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Gone tooo quick, July

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Almost the end of July and I have only jus[ got round to sorting out my blog, Well this one anyway. I imagine many blogs are started with the best of intentions only to fall by the wayside after some time. This blog needs a few tweeks to the layout

Tuesday 29th of June

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Early mist this morning, burn away now and we have lovely sunshine. Listening to Radio Paradise Streams good ad free music from Calif I think. Sad to hear of the death of John McAfee and disappointed to hear he didnt have files stored in the Miami

A sky picture

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I expected a handle on the side we could wind and the top bit would revolve and play "Auld Lang Syne ".

More from New Lanark

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! On the way home we diverted via Alloway, This is the bridge over the river doon. hence " Brigadoon" Parked next to us, Looked nice but no room for Kaths Case ! No room for luggage Good breakfast to start my day.

Some pics from Lanark

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A View of the Hotel. Looking up river towards the Falls. A pint at last !

Random web pic

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from my phone

Evening clouds

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Strange fluffy clouds.