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14 April 2019, 09:54

Spent a few days at my daughters, 
house, dog and sprog sitting.
Rewarded with a delightful special edition single malt.  Call me anytime x

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08 April 2019, 22:45

Sorry for the lack of posts,   Been quite busy, will try some updates tomorrow,
I remember talking to a lass who kept up eight blogs for a month.
I wasnt that impressed at the time, but I am now !
I struggle.with finding time for one

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17 March 2019, 12:30

Just dont mention the RUGBY.
Just DONT, thats all.

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16 March 2019, 07:59

Small girls birthday party today.
Not the actual birthday, but Saturdays are good days for a party.
No invitation for me this year  No cake or jelly.
Guess I better make my own jelly.

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13 March 2019, 19:33

Looks like facebook is down, Also British democracy has ended.

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08 March 2019, 07:39

Nip int air this morning.....Watched a blackbird trying to drink the ice.

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07 March 2019, 06:58

47 u high cabinet for rack mounted equipment.
Rack mounted patch panels.
Rack mounted managment panels.
IT company plonk a tower. server on the floor.

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21 February 2019, 07:55

web quirks. 
I have been putting a website together for some while.
Testing plugins and layouts etc.
All working and looking good on my server.
Backed up and extracted onto clients server.....
Now it rejects front end log ins.  Can I see why?
Modern technology, Great when it works eh.

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14 February 2019, 10:45

Ride out to take card to settle pool yesterday.
Went for lunch at 
The Folly 
I had a fish finger sarnie, haven't had one of those for years. 
Not as I expected, it was in a baguette with tartare sauce.
I had hoped for sliced white bread and tommy sauce !
Tasted nice though and most of the staff were friendly.

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10 February 2019, 22:27

Spent the afternoon at rehearsal with flopsy and helping scene shifting. 
Had to record England / France
Just watched it.... Good to watch.Happy 2

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09 February 2019, 07:09

Getting toward pantomime time. Our towns intrepid thespians and a gaggle of kids put on a show.
This year it is Snow White. Well a version of it.
The story is rarely stuck to, where would be the fun in that.
Casting children as cannibals, pirates, ghosts etc , sell tickets.
Each child brings parents and or grandparents. More bums on seats and ticket sales.
My Flopsy is one of the seven dwarves, she has a hoody top with a logo on the back and a baseball cap with her character's name on.
As a proud and devoted grandad,  I am really looking forward to the show 

Flops in the attire
Somehow I don't think the hat will get worn after the show.
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06 February 2019, 07:34

Back to the Black pig for lunch yesterday.
Lured by a picture of a meal.
Fickle or what ?

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30 January 2019, 08:54

Fresh, I think that's what they call it up here.
Odd twitchy bit of road on the school run but nowt to write home about.
Roll on summer !

The garden.
Slippery under foot.
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27 January 2019, 09:53

Back to the Black Pig again last night.
This time it was a family birthday celebration, as always the food was superb and the company was hilarious. Finished the night with one or two drinks in the Hogs

Three little birds
In the black pig.
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25 January 2019, 07:36

Delicious meal at the Black Pig last night.
I played host to the volunteers from our tourist information point.
It was a Christmas meal so Bryan had done us a festive menu including Turkey and pigs in blankets.
Very enjoyable evening and good company.

Black Pig Bentham - Home
The Black Pig Bistro on the main st in High Bentham, North Yorkshire. Serves delicious food to eat in or take out. And wonderful evening meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evvenings.
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21 January 2019, 08:22

Afternoon walk in the cold sunny air.

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20 January 2019, 07:07

Sunday morning lie in and spend far too long reading Twitter posts, just read a long post by Google.
It is about the EU copyright directive.
If you have five minutes spare, I suggest you read it also.

Together for Copyright
The EU Copyright Directive may limit what you can find online. Let’s find a better way to update copyright rules in Europe.
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16 January 2019, 16:42

I try not to get political on here, partially because I am not a party political person and partially because I think they are all a self serving bunch of duplicitous parasites.

So for god's sake please can someone tell that embarrassment for a prime minister to sod off !

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14 January 2019, 09:13

School run this morning, turned a corner and this appeared.

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30 December 2018, 19:56

Just watched Rainman.
Forgot what a fantastic film it was.
Here we are hurtling toward 2019 and Armageddon if Mrs May is to be believed.
Guess I better pour myself a dram and put on my Tin Hat.
Listening to Brian FM.

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30 December 2018, 12:15

Passing a Sunday morn watching BFG.
Delightful story.

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28 December 2018, 10:26

The lull.
Christmas is over, Waiting for the new year.
A kind of Nothing time.
Ho Hum.

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25 December 2018, 07:45

Happy Christmas.

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24 December 2018, 15:33

So here we are, Christmas eve. All the preparation, spuds peeled. Sprouts hidden, meat ready to go.
If we ain't got it, then we will do without. 
Then in comes one from left field!, a CARD from a new neighbour. 
Nice and friendly thing to do, better go and do o e for them. 

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22 December 2018, 07:39

Got over the winter solstice. 
Should starts to warm up now! 

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15 December 2018, 11:50

Beginning to feel a bit like

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13 December 2018, 10:42

I never seem to have time to write to this , Just the odd wall post and next to nothing on my blog.
Advance NY resolution is to try harder.
But the sun is shining and the wind is cold. So it aint all bad eh?

Cross Bay preparation.
A few friends, a couple of dogs, my and Kath did the cross bay walk in 2017. No relevence to the post, but thought I would add it because I could.
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04 December 2018, 22:24

Looking good

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01 December 2018, 10:17

30th Nov.
Its started! 

Festive Farrier
Wet and shiny
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30 November 2018, 12:47

Love this clip from Cambridge Fire.

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24 November 2018, 22:16

Watched the film, Bohemian Rhapsody tonight.
In Dukes theatre in Lancaster.
Fabulous film if your a queen fan, 
Great music !

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18 November 2018, 11:24

Looking up the Menai straits last night at Michaels party

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11 November 2018, 20:20

Posted by a proud Grandad.

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11 November 2018, 07:04

I thought this looked nice.

outside our village primary school
Made by the pupils at our primary school
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10 November 2018, 17:22

Called at the Pop up tea rooms today.
Just across from the Rose Garden.
Superb choice of cakes, scones and biscuits. All proceeds to military charities.
Not sure how much the made as yet.

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06 November 2018, 07:03

Obviously ought to have said " Part of Benthams Armistice Commemorations"
Still it looks really good eh?

Bentham war memorial.
Part if Benthams tribute.
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16 October 2018, 07:41

Half term looming. Potentially hours of netflix and xbox stuff.
 Weather hardly fit to drag kids on long walks.
Lits if Grannys baking.

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03 October 2018, 07:27

School run this morning.  Love taking this little girl to school and our chats.

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02 October 2018, 17:25

Out to discuss the future of our playing fields this evening. Nice football pitch but no teams want to play on it.
Lots of coaches, no players.
Inspiration needed.

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23 September 2018, 10:07

Going to remove the "like" function from these wall posts as after I did a version update, it stopped working.  Ho hum, Life could get tedious without the little challenges. eh?

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19 September 2018, 06:09

I was privy to a conversation the other day, they were saying Kilometers were so much better than miles.
The gist was more along the lines of usage . Many running apps were calibrated in kms. 
I wouldnt know.
I dont run !

Schools today teach the metric system, Schools in my day taught the imperial system.
That is why I think in miles.
It is simply a unit of measure,  server cabinets are racked out in a "U".
That unit of measure is one and three quarter inches.
Just saying

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18 September 2018, 21:29

Fantastic sunset tonight. Walked uo the road a bit and took a pic.

september sunset
Nice evening.
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15 September 2018, 23:47

I used to like twitter, it was fun, light hearted and limited to 140 charactors.
You needed to give some thought to what you wanted to say.
Witty, to the point, succinct,  I felt as if I had some new friends.

Things like friday friends where you could list the interesting accounts you had discovered and share them with your followers.

   NOW it has changed beyond recognition, 
 posts removed, users banned, and censorship .
what happened to freedom of speech ?

I am not forced to read your opinions nor you mine.
What with political and religious violence, both in word and deed, I think I shall ditch twitter and stay here. xQuiet

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07 September 2018, 07:29

Brrr. Chilly start to a sunny morning
Off to hold a collecting bucket in Booths this morning for Rosemere Cancer Charity.
Fewer people carry cash these days, so please put a little in your pocket for the times when you see people like us.

Chilly start.
That shiny stuff is rag.. aka frost
Scraping tje windscreen is Sept.
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04 September 2018, 09:46

Silly lane. In case you thought I was making it up.

Silly Lane
School run
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04 September 2018, 09:38

Small girl back to school this morning. 
She was looking forward to it. By this evening we will be back on silly lane.Suspicious

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02 September 2018, 08:46

Apologies for the gap in ones blog thing.Been a tad busy of late. School hols coming to an end, Normality looms.Unhappy

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31 August 2018, 07:38

Had to swap browsers to upload this pic. 

Gorgeous !
Two of the wedding guests.
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31 August 2018, 07:16

School holidays are coming to an end. 
Just a few more days then back to the school run. I take flopsy to a school that takes 9 minutes to get to. 
I get 9 minutes uninterupted conversation with her, 
We talk about all sorts of things.
The other day we spoke of cancer and she asked me why was cancer invented.

I said it is parts of your body growing wrongly, the onlynthing I could think of in the time allowed.

She replied, Like your lungs growing a beard.

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26 August 2018, 23:31

Yesterdays wedding.
The day before it rained ALL day.
Saturday. Lovelly and sunny. Good people, nice service great food and beautiful speeches.
Superb  day .

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