This is my website and on it you may find , News, Gossip, Scandal and Excitement.
But don't hold yer breath !
My Wall is for easy posts from my phone,
Pearls of wisdom buried amongst piles of twaddle !

My Blog is for deeper more meaningful drivel.
The whole site is really a test bed for things and may disappear in a blink of an eye,
As may I.
Nice streaming station.
Listener supported.

Radio Paradise.

Or you may prefer Brian FM

Streaming good music from a crappy little building
in downtown Ashburton, New Zealand.
Plays through a few apps also.
Shoutcast Radio Player
and Tune in.

The Odd Folk

Screenshot 20200516 182656

My nephew is in a band !  Nice website, contains tracks info and stuff.

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13 June 2018, 06:40

Still under test... as it were.
Really want to run a timelime or wall that I can easily from a mobile.

Walking the Bay for Rosemere Cancer Charity.
Great day to walk the bay.Jules, Me, Kath. Along with Pete, Emma Jim and a few dogs.
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