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23 November 2019, 10:00

House chores morning so playing 101.7 WSFM from Sydney.
Try it.

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19 November 2019, 20:53

After getting cold wet and dirty putting our bonfire together on the 26th of Oct,
I slipped getting in the shower.  Ouch 

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18 November 2019, 14:06

A thank you for carrying my bag card, 
From my gorgeous granddaughter.
Made my day !

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11 November 2019, 07:08

School run as per usual, Then change into my whistle ready for the service of remembrance at our town war memorial.
Feeling honoured.

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05 November 2019, 07:35

Remember remember the 5th of November, 
Gunpowder Treason and Plot.
They say had the plotters succeded, There would have been a huge hole where parliament is now.
Cant see a lot wrong with that. 🤸

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03 November 2019, 00:12

The old man and the gun, with Robert Redford. Brilliant film !

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02 November 2019, 14:49

Saturday November the 2nd. We got as far as the final. Just glad I wasnt one of those who splashed outon a last minute ticket to Japan.
Ho hum, I think the better team won.

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28 October 2019, 14:54

Batala at our Bonfire

Batala at Bentham Bonfire
This is "Batala at Bentham Bonfire" by timstannard on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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28 October 2019, 14:49

Manic few days getting the bonfire built burnt and cleared away.
Bentham Bonfire and fireworks display.
( Has to be a more catchy name)
Fantastic night

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13 October 2019, 17:41

Just watched Unbelievable on Netflix,
sad and thought provoking film.

"Unbeleivable "
On Netflix.
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12 October 2019, 07:34

Took a short break for a two night stay in Southport.
Never been to the place before, pleasantly suprised.
Weather too cold to paddle and the sea was miles out, So we concentrated on food and drink !
Stayed at the Royal Clifton. 

Lord Street in Southport
Sunny but cold, Thought this looked nice in the sun.
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03 October 2019, 07:45

Chilly start to the day, 
Marmalade from the fridge so cold it slid off my toast. Brrrr.
But so far it isn't raining

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30 September 2019, 22:28

Pleasant evening watching " Stan and Ollie " on prime.
Nice film, very enjoyable, Now sipping a Highland Park as a night cap.

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30 September 2019, 09:00

Best laid plans etc, 
Got a poorly granddaughter so in "childsit" mode.  Trouble is all the toy adverts hurtling toward christmas...

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28 September 2019, 20:33

Not long now until Bentham Bonfire !  Halloween themed fancy dress , music, food and the best fireworks for miles around.  October the 26th. Dont miss it.

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21 September 2019, 23:31

Just watched " Unbroken" on Netflix. Good film, based on a true story.
I recommend it.

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24 August 2019, 10:41

Very tasty. Sad to see it go. 

Faversham Steam Brewery
Tasty, very very tasty!
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23 August 2019, 09:58

While up north we had a look round Dunrobin Castle. Arrived in time to watch the Falconner showing of with his birds, Pleased we did, I have watched Raptor displays elsewhere, But this guy was very good.
Took a tour inside the castle, Interesting place and nice exhibits.  Spoke to well informed guides.
Now that the ice walkers have gone, you should add this to your places to go.

Dunrobin Castle.
No jokes about retired highway men please !
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23 August 2019, 08:11

Spent a few days beyond the wall,  Lovely weather and nice food etc.
Popped into Dornoch to get an unforgettable hot chocolate. 

Cocoa Mountain in Dornoch
Probably the best hot chocolate in the world!
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06 August 2019, 07:26

Hard to imagine people were complaining about the heat the other day.

Come back sun
Nice and hot !
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01 August 2019, 10:11

From Andrew Neil on twitter. 
(Scores of celebrities and the rich have arrived in Sicily for a Google conference. They came in 114 private jets and a flotilla of super yachts. The conference is on global warming.) 

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29 August 2019, 06:44

Btw, seems this included Prince Harry and Meghan. I can't understand why they don't use phones !

28 July 2019, 12:07

Going through a stack of letters etc and scanning them, Found a photo or two. 
My gorgeous cherubic grandson.
(grown a bit now !)

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25 July 2019, 14:31

Granny too

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25 July 2019, 14:27

Phew it is hot. 
Small girl doing a cartwheel in the paddling pool

I could do that !
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23 July 2019, 17:30

Nice afternoon sitting on my late neighbours bench whilst the  sproggs played.

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22 July 2019, 06:56

First monday of the school holidays !
Wet and windy.  Looks like a day for Netflix.

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21 July 2019, 11:46

Got a pot of coffee and listening to the shark from Guam.

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20 July 2019, 21:12

managed to watch the flying scotsman hurtle past today. 
Nostalgia aint what it used to be is it !

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20 July 2019, 20:51

Made a few changes,  Now happy with the menu and one or two other things.. 
Got a ticket for overstaying in Preston Hospital car park this morning. £70... Wouldnt be so bad, but I thought we had paid enough.  More on this later.

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20 July 2019, 19:42

Starting to make plans for this years Bonfire.   The best show for miles around,
But then I would say that.....

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18 July 2019, 09:07

Hurtling toward end of term !  Relief from the School run, Swapping for full on netflix and fortnite etc.
Thankfully we have a good internet connection Fibre to the home.
Truth be told, I love the grandkids to bits and happy to live with the occasional bottom lip !
( Script issues with uploading images )

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12 July 2019, 09:29

I think it is time for a revamp,  Dont like some things about this site.  Might find some time
at the weekend to get it sorted.

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07 July 2019, 20:09

The route to school for me and Flopsy

Silly Lane
It really is called this
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20 July 2019, 20:28


06 July 2019, 08:13

family meal, the younger table..... 

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03 July 2019, 09:19

food again... 

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30 June 2019, 07:34

A day out to Cartmel races on Friday, 
Great company, Fabulous weather and location, We ate too much, Drank quite a bit..... and came home with more money than we took.!
Oh and Cliff, probably should say Sir Cliff.,
Still a class act after all he went through. 

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27 June 2019, 12:32

Another one of the DC3, S flew over me on the way back to the USA.
Thank you for keeping the memory alive. 

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24 June 2019, 09:04

I lost a good friend today,
Cancer took him.
So pleased I saw him last week when he was smiling and talking about his Birthday party in August.

Fond memories of one of lifes good blokes.

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22 June 2019, 06:06

Today is my Grandsons Birthday,
We now have a teenager in the family..... 
Don't they grow up fast! 

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05 June 2019, 06:43

Monday June the 3rd, Flopsy and me 
head off to school.
Road seemed very quiet, Managed to park
right by the gate.
Flopsy says, there are no teachers cars here
Doors locked..  
Yup, a day early !
They say confession is good for the soul.

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03 June 2019, 10:13

Saturday the 1st of June was carnival day.
Great turn out, good music and even the sun broke through to join in.
Video link works, but needs a tweak on the size.
Hey ho

Carnival 2019
This is "Carnival 2019" by timstannard on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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21 May 2019, 18:10

Nice refreshing beer. 
Just in time for tea

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17 May 2019, 22:23

Really nice afternoon at 
Tatham Fells Sports day.
Lots of brilliant determined runners 
and a great set of races, including
egg and spoon and sack races.
There are some pictures, 
but as this is public I am not posting them.

Life as it is.
I ate the rest !
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13 May 2019, 06:57

We nipped up the the Farrier last night, "early doors",  That is the Horse and Farrier, Main Street, High Bentham.  The place with the Superb Landlady, Wonderful Staff, Brilliant Chefs and lovey beer garden.
Sat with Friends, One of which was the aforementioned Landlady.
In the course of our conversation, it was pointed out I had a wall and seemed to sing the praises of the Black Pig, but only a cursory comment about the Farrier.
So my apologies Sue, Because I probably spend more time in the Farrier than the Pig.
Oh and I always share the Horse and Farrier posts on facebook,  Honest !

The Farrier
Nicked from their facebook page. Go and see for yourself.
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13 May 2019, 06:33

Happy 2 Sun is shining and I have a brew,
By way of explanation, This bit is my wall, a brief page of short posts that can be written from a mobile easily.
The Blog is intended to be more in depth and comprehensive. 
Possibly explains why there isn't much on it.

This whole site is a play ground and test bed for plugins and scripts, it may just vanish overnight........

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07 May 2019, 06:31

Starwars day, "May the fourth", Came and went.
That was my Birthday. Another year flown by.
Grandkids called round, always great to see them, Pressies included a new mug for my tea
and a bottle of Jura Journey.
In the evening Mrs S dragged me to the 
Black Pig and plied me with superb
food and a nice bottle of red.
Birthdays can be such hard work !

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01 May 2019, 06:58

Had a walk around Wray yesterday, Scarecrow time.
Lots of original and cleverly thought out scarecrows plus some great efforts from some local schools . Well worth the visit.
Picture later.

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21 April 2019, 19:28

Fabulous weather for Easter Sunday.
took in a bacon and egg bap at the boot sale
on the playingfields.
Tasty salad at the Black Pig.
Might chill int garden with glass of something

St Margarets in High Ben.
Being converted into houses,
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18 April 2019, 06:54

I had the pleasure to walk around Notre Dame
some years ago, I love old buildings and the
tales they tell. Very sad sight.

Notre Dame
Amazing window
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14 April 2019, 11:09

My news feed brought up an advert 
about drinking water, and the
 availability of an app to remind you.
Drink water and lose weight !
Get a smoother complexion and tighter
I'll let you know.

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